Way of the Wicked

Aroden is Gone

It is 4608 by the reckoning of the old Azlanti calendar. Two years ago the patron God of Cheliax, Aroden, was to make a triumphant return to his people. Instead maelstroms threw the nation into disarray. Though the storms finally died down no one has heard from the God of Humans since.

Cheliax in Turmoil

After these terrible events the priest of Aroden chose to interpret this absence as a test of their faith. They proclaim that Aroden will return! Have Faith they call out and huddle in their cloisters, powerless and afraid. Meanwhile the might that is Cheliax continues on apparently not weakened by the catastrophe.

One Man with a Vision

Cardinal Adrastus Thrune views the fall of Aroden in a different light. Aroden is dead and He is not coming back. The priests of Aroden who hold onto that false hope doom the proud nation of Cheliax. Soon enemies of Cheliax will become emboldened by this weakness. Enemies will gather at the border. That nation will be overrun, its warriors slain, its women used, and its children enslaved.

There is only one solution. One terrible, but necessary solution.

Way of the Wicked

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