Adrastus Thrune

Necessity outweighs decency.


Adrastus Thrune is a man with a mission. A life-long devotee of Aroden he realizes, unlike most of his fellow priests, that the Last Azlanti is dead. Aroden will not be returning to Cheliax to guide the nation. That without Aroden’s guidance Cheliax is doomed to a slow, inevitable decline. Eventually satellite states like Nidal and Molthune will break away and the terrible Orcs of the Hold of Belkzen will overrun everything that he holds dear.

Cardinal Thrune has devised a plan to save the nation he so dearly loves. A terrible plan that means betraying everything he once held dear. An awful plan that requires men and women who also know the uselessness of Aroden in this new, modern world.

The Master will gather likeminded individuals from all over Cheliax and the rest of the world. He will sacrifice every sense of decency in his body in order to ensure his nation emerges from this cataclysm stronger than before.

The nation needs leadership, strong, lawful leadership. There is only one God to turn to for this power. Only one thing can save Cheliax. Asmodeus.

Adrastus Thrune

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