Dunn Maranid

A disgraced cavalier


You grew up in the small village of Ridwan in the northern part of the Cheliaxian empire. You watched the glorious priests of Aroden accompany the army north in battle against the evil hordes of the Hold of Belzken.

When spellcasting proved too difficult an art to master you decided on life as a Cavalier of the Order of the Star. Devoted to protecting the priests of Aroden. It was your first mission in this capacity that you learned the harsh truths of the world. Your unit captured a band of gypsies fleeing the realm of the war. An Inquisitor of Aroden, Lady Mara Jeggare, ordered you to bring them to her for questioning. What followed shook you to your very soul.

This was questioning? This torture of innocents until they confessed to any evil, to any sin? It was only when she finished that you saw the look of almost sexual satisfaction on her face. The grown men weeping and begging that their children be spared and the knowledge that Mara while promising to do so planned nothing of the sort, chilled your soul.

Instead of returning the prisoners to the cages you slipped them out of camp with supplies and directions.

Your actions quickly came to light and when you presented your story of sadistic torture performed simply for the delight of the sadistic inquisitor the so-called priests of Aroden protected their own. You were sentenced to ten years hard labor in the notorious prison of Brandenscar. Now you sit in a cart approaching the horrible place and you still remember the naïve dreams of your youth.

Dunn Maranid

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