Frohike Harrison

Beware of things that taste good


You grew up in the small town of Perin’s Bluff at the eastern edge of the Aspodell Mountains in a town at the very eastern border of the Cheliaxian empire. The gnomish presence in this city is small but vigorous. It is ruled by the High Priest of Aroden, Gemaniax Jeggare.

You apprenticed to a potion maker at the age of nine and worked their steadily for six long years learning everything you could about the business. Your best friend, and son of Germaniax, during this time was another apprentice named Aleximon Jeggare. Although two years older than you he proved not as adept at potion making and you helped him to rise in the ranks at the potion shop.

Eventually you became chief apprentice but with the retirement of your master not more than a few years away things suddenly took a turn for the worse. The sister of Aleximon led you on in a cruel prank that embarrassed you in front of all your friends.
To gain revenge you mixed up a supposed healing potion for the girl who wronged you putting in a few ingredients that would cause her stomach issues. You entrusted your best friend, who you for some reason still trusted, with some of the more simple ingredients and hand delivered the potion yourself. The girl drank the potion and was dead within minutes.

The next few days went by with such rapidity that it seemed a dream.

You knew you were guilty of poisoning the girl, you just thought you must have made the potion too potent, and the girl’s constitution was much weaker than you guessed. Wracked with guilt you pleaded guilty. It was only as the sentence was read and you spotted your so-called friendly smiling happily in the gallery that you truly realized what happened, he added the lethal dosage and murdered his own sister! Moments later you were loaded into a cart and sent to the infamous prison Branderscar. There they will brand you as a criminal and you will spend whatever is left of your short life being tortured. It is clear the Priests of Aroden will never let you out to tell your side of the story.

Frohike Harrison

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