Johhan Inciterus

The whip loosens the tongue


You grew up the son of a Priest of Aroden in the capital city of Cheliax, Westcrown. Your father was an uncompromising man who felt that a boy must be beaten to instill him with character. It was with dreams of glory that you joined the priesthood as soon as you were eligible at the age of ten and quickly found your calling as an Inquisitor.

You applied properly the lessons taught to you so well by your father. As an inquisitor it is important to get the truth out of a repentant no matter the distasteful methods used. You did not stop at the unfaithful and always kept a watchful eye on priests of the order who strayed from their path. This is what led to your downfall.

When you found out of a cult of Asmodeus within the priesthood you moved to squelch them. It was with shock you realized the cult existed simply to restrain the excesses of some true worshippers of Aroden. A group of Inquisitors led by your friend, Milus Sarini, who framed pretty young girls and gang raped them under the guise of questioning.

When they realized you were onto their game they framed your father, mother, and younger sister for blaspheme. They tortured your father to death and did worse to your mother and sister. It was only with the help of the wayward priests of Asmodeus that you were able to bring charges to the highest councils.

In the ensuing trial the so-called men of good protected their own, those of the most noble families, and exonerated the murders, the rapists. It was only your duty to kill them and you did not resist arrest when the Dottari came calling. The evidence was overwhelming and now you sit in a cart being transported to the notorious prison of Brandenscar where you will surely live only a short, brutal life.

Johhan Inciterus

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