05 - The Frosthamar Part 1

Chapter 5: The Frosthamar – Part 1

With our training complete The Master summoned us once again to the living room of his manor house. There he told us that we were ready for our first mission but that we four must by necessity be bound into an unbreakable knot.

He then summoned a terrible devil to the living room and the thing immediately demanded a reward. The Master brought in a serving girl, a girl who had brought me my dinner on a number of occasions, whose name I knew, who I had spoken with about her family. The demon tore her into pieces and devoured her flesh as we watched. This is the nature of the decision that I made, the contract that I signed.

The devil, having been sated, then offered up a service to The Master. Thrune ordered the thing to kneel and then used a long syringe to extract its blood into a tube and then dismissed the thing. We then knelt before The Master and he used the blood to trace out symbols of Asmodeus upon our foreheads.

After this he told us what our first mission for Lord Asmodeus would entail.

The next morning we boarded the Frosthamar and met Captain Odinkerk who would take us north to Conqueror’s Bay where we were to drop off the weapons to this bugbear champion.

It took us a day to sail south to the Inner Sea and from there we turned west where eventually we would pass the famed Arch of Aroden and into the Arcadian Ocean. As we traversed the Inner Sea a Cheliaxian patrol boat spotted us and attempted to waylay our progress. Both we and the captain agreed that they could not be allowed to board and we attacked as soon as they were within range.

The Blade of Iomedae

The northern sailors proved fierce warriors and we managed to dispose of the Cheliaxians with no casualties although several of our group suffered grievous wounds. The sailors asked for no quarter and gave none. Afterwards we weighted the bodies, tossed them overboard, and scuttled the patrol ship.

Two days later we passed through the Arch of Aroden and into the open seas. The sturdy Linnorm vessel seems well capable of standing up to any storm the ocean can throw at us and the sailors are expert seamen.

Three days later we were anchored off a group of islands to the west of Cheliax when young Tylus and Frohike spotted some strange movement off the port-side of the vessel. They quickly alerted the crew and we were able to launch an attack against a group of Tritons that had gathered to assault the ship.

It was a good thing that the sharp eyed youngsters were able to warn us because our foes were led by a wizard who summoned elementals repeatedly which kept us occupied on deck. Meanwhile his triton allies boarded and attempted to throw us overboard. Young Tylus rushed to the edge of the ship and knocked the borders back into the water but was grabbed and tossed overboard.

I rushed to the side and used my magic to attack the thing before it could pull the boy under and Frohike helped with a barrage of bombs. Meanwhile Dunn and the northmen swept our decks clean of elementals and boarders.

Triton boarding

When we finally killed or drove off all the attackers we found that one of the sailors was missing, presumably taken overboard by the Triton and dragged into the depths.

We watched as the northmen held a poignant ceremony for their fallen comrade and then spent the rest of the evening in silent contemplation of our mission, or mortality.

05 - The Frosthamar Part 1

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