08 - Fort Jeggare

Chapter 7: Jeggare Troopers

Ensconced firmly at Lord’s Dalliance Inn we spent the night in comfort although I heard a man prowling around during the night although who it was and for what purpose was not revealed to me for many days.

The next day checked out of the Lord’s Dalliance using our false names and headed out towards Tower Jeggare and saw the fortification for the first time. I cannot deny the fact that the sight of the place filled me with dismay. It was built on a rocky precipice with a well-fortified gatehouse and a pair of bridges to the main fortress itself. It was both bigger and more heavily defended than I imagined and finding a way to weaken the place seemed like a daunting task.

We returned town with new faces thanks to the Circlets of Disguise and checked in as a group of Linnorm traders. That night I was on the alert and heard the prowler as he passed my room. I yanked the door open and found the owner of the inn, Bellam Barhold creeping about. He was startled and clearly up to something although managed to pretend he was only checking to make sure the inn was locked up properly.

The next day Dunn and I went into town while Tylus went into the dwarf’s rooms looking for plans. He met us at midday having only visited rooms of the workers and found nothing of interest.

Later we went and ate a meal at Mama Guiseppe’s restaurant. It was good, peasant food but not anything to rave about. We will somehow have to slip poison into the beef stew she prepares for the garrison on Starday. I’m sure Frohike can come up with some concoction or another.

After that we went out to the fort again in the hopes of doing some reconnoitering. The gates seem to open during the day but closed at night. People come and go although not a great number of them. The soldiers head to town in small groups. We watched for a couple of days but didn’t learn much else.

We returned to the Lord’s Dalliance that night and slept comfortably. The next morning, while we stood watch, found the room of the dwarf foreman and managed to make copies of the fortresses plans. There are a number of siege engines on the roof and that gatehouse is particularly strong. We would need to compromise both if Sakkarot is to successfully lead the attack. In addition the rookery is clearly home to the fort’s messenger birds. When we gain access the fort these birds will be a primary target.

We decided that we’d learned about as much as possible and it was time to start whittling down the troops inside the garrison. We went back towards the fort and set up an ambush. We managed to kill two groups of three soldiers each and hid their bodies far off the trail.

The troupe of actors was scheduled to arrive soon and we made plans to infiltrate the fort and place poison where Mama Guiseppe would unknowingly use it in her preparations. We hoped that once inside the fortress we might find more things to destroy.

08 - Fort Jeggare

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