09 - Sabotage

Chapter 8: Sabotage

We spent the next couple of days in and around the Lord’s Dalliance inn and young Tylus managed to follow the innkeeper on his nightly journey. It turns out there is a secret passage leading from the Dalliance to the Fort Jeggare. There is some sort of storage area where he is stealing wine.

We immediately began to plan on how to sneak warriors of Sakkarot into the tunnels from whence they can attack the fortress. In the meantime we attended the performance of The Fall of Amberlyn performed by Ye Merry Men at the keep.

During the performance we donned disguises of soldiers and led Frohike, himself disguised as a dwarf engineer, to the gatehouse where he poured acid into the works of the great weapons. To ensure this sabotage was not noticed we poisoned the food of the dwarves that night.

Sakkarot and his army was not due to arrive at the staging base for another day so we ambushed a group of soldiers as they went back to the fortress that night. This third ambush alerted the warriors in the keep and they spent the next day searching for their lost comrades. It was only a matter of time until they found the bodies we hid in the brush.

They also sent out a patrol and we learned where they often camp. We planned to go to Sakkarot’s encampment and come away with a some of the warriors to both ambush this patrol and infiltrate the keep.

On the day of the attack we will use the tunnels below the fort to sneak in and hopefully cause as much damage as possible to the remaining defenders. Perhaps we can kill the wizard or the priest and a few of his acolytes. It would be useful to slay the messenger ravens as well. We also planned to kill the guards at the gatehouse and open the great door.

That evening as I contemplated our great plans I was reminded yet again of the sacrifices necessitated by the path I have chosen. The pretty barmaid and the Lord’s Dalliance was friends with one of the young soldiers we killed. Her worry at his sudden disappearance caused some pain to my heart but I remembered the admonishments of The Master. That though we cause pain and suffering we do so to prevent it’s recurrence tenfold. Still, to say I have no regrets about the course my life has taken would be to lie.

09 - Sabotage

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