14 - Defending the Horn

Chapter Thirteen: Defense of the Horn

After the sudden eruption upon the completion of the first ceremony is was immediately clear to all of us that the defense of the Horn of Abbadon was the first order of business. We spoke with Zikomo who agree to not only go out and recruit more of his kind for the defense but also arrange for swift messengers to move between Taggun Hold and the Horn to carry messages for us.

We immediately sent off messages to Elise Zadaria and Baron Arkov detailing our needs to fortify the place.

Within a week supplies began to arrive and we were able to fix the main trap-doors at the entrance to the second and third floor. Frohike laid exploding fire traps to be triggered by Boggards are the entrances as well.

Dunn began to train the Boggards on how to use crossbows effectively and this proved most useful as the great Tree Shepard Jorak the Eldest came calling not long after our supplies arrived.

With nearly twenty poorly trained crossbowmen and our own martial skills we were able to bring down the massive thing without too much trouble.

Only a short time after that we got our first message from Elise suggesting that a local band of adventurers was headed our way and intended to enter through the Boggard caverns. I was not happy with our defensive preparations and to have enemies coming so quickly do not bode well for the future. Still, there was nothing to be done about it. We were tethered to the Horn having to perform a ceremony once every eight hours.

14 - Defending the Horn

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