15 - Our First Visitors

Chapter 14: Our First Visitors

We hurriedly rushed through last minute changes to our defenses before the arrival of the first group of adventurers to darken our door. Happily they proved to be simple locals of little experience and not much more powerful than ourselves.

We arranged for a pair of Boggards to wait at the entrance and to run back through the caves leading the retired soldier Hallock and his companions into the cavern with soft earth where we posted half-a-dozen of our crossbow wielding allies.

We used Hexor and Vexor at both ends to prevent escape and then awaited the arrival of the adventurers. The plan went perfectly although the blacksmith Yorgun proved adept with his war hammer and dealt me several grievous wounds. We killed all of them except the sister of Aroden, Marta Dian, who we captured and placed into a cell. Her devotion being quite useful for the ceremony to release Vetra-Kali.
The Ambush
The good sister proved loyal to her dead god and the alacrity shown by Frohike’s and Dunn to lop off body parts in order to keep her acquiescent was most disturbing. It was my first lesson to how quickly seemingly rational men can succumb to their base instinct, how they can revel in the suffering of others. It is a phenomenon I have grown all too aware of over the last decades.

When evil must be done to further the goals of an organization it is wise to be cautious of those who you task with carrying out these duties. There are many who enjoy inflicting pain and suffering upon others not for the purpose of attaining their desires but simply because it gives them an almost sexual satisfaction. One must constantly remind them that the evil they do is out of necessity; not a joy to be relished.

I managed to dissuade Dunn and Frohike from their maiming efforts and the little gnome’s bloodlust seemed to be sated when he successfully extracted the brain of the Bard to be used in his alchemical golem. He stored the brain in the cool room awaiting a time when the other parts arrived.

We then spent over a week in our continuing training efforts with the Boggards and Zikomo proved as good as his word bringing back more recruits for the cause. In addition we learned many of the spells so kindly brought to us by Hallack and his friends. This battle left us far better prepared for the trials that lay ahead.

Early in the fourth week of our stay in the Horn of Abbbadon we received a message from Elise and her band that suggested there was a 500 silver reward for information about the missing Nun of Aroden. There was a need for the money as upkeep on the Horn is not cheap and there is both the matter of the Rituals to summon allies and the Alchemical Golem as well. We planned to have someone return to Taggun Hold with evidence of the demise of Marta and her companions in return for the reward money.

There was apparently a gruesome murder in the town which we were to learn much more about in the comings months. As I mentioned earlier, it is best to put check to the violent and sadistic impulses of those around you lest they spiral out of control.

15 - Our First Visitors

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