17 - Just Adventurers

Chapter 16: Just Adventurers

After the warning message from Elise we immediately changed our defenses to plan for an invasion on the landing of the third floor of the Horn of Abbadon. We positioned Boggards around each corner and stationed ourselves in adjacent rooms hoping to catch the invaders in a crossfire.

Sadly, Traya and her allies decided to ascend the stairs to the second floor. Luckily in our preparations we did not neglect to keep guards at all the other entrances and Ezra Thrice-Damned and a pair of his Wraith Spawn were waiting along with a number of our now trained Boggard crossbowmen.
Adventurers Invade
A Fiery Humanoid led the group and fell immediately into the pit trap. Their cleric, a fellow named Posca leapt through the wall somehow and attacked the Boggards but was forced to return to cast fly upon Hassan so that he could come up from the pit trap. Their rogue artfully dashed across the pit trap and directly into the waiting arms of Ezra and his minions.

The Boggards pin cushioned Traya thus keeping her off balance and forcing Posca to spend each round healing her while Ezra and the wraiths quickly dispatched of the rogue. Hassan flew up from the bottom of the pit and grabbed the body of the rogue and began to do some real damage against Ezra but eventually was slain by the cold based attacks to which he seemed particularly vulnerable.

The incessant bolt barrage eventually put Traya down and our minions managed to surround and capture Posca before we were able to arrive to help.

It was good to know that our hard work at creating defenses for the Horn proved effective and that our minions could so effectively defend the place even without or direct support.

We took the captured dwarf and interrogated him. He told us that his group was merely a band of adventurers searching for the Eyes of Vetra-Kali. This seems to have been an accurate story as Elise and the Cocytian Knot ransacked their ship and found corroborating evidence. Posca swore by his god that he would leave the Horn and never bother us again but we deemed allowing him to leave to be too risky. We held the poor bastard down and let Ezra Thrice-Damned consume his soul. I sometimes still hear his screams in my sleep, as he begged for a clean death, to not have his soul forever entombed in an unliving body. My compatriots seemed less troubled.

A few days after the battle Trik returned with fantastic news from town in that Sakkarot Fire-Axe and his armies won a great victory and that many of the sons of Taggun Hold would not be returning. This victory once again proved the mettle of the great Bugbear who did more for the cause than the rest of us combined. The Ripper of Taggun Hold struck again striking fear into the hearts of the town-people and Elise managed to completely destroy another group seeking the Horn.

A few days later our erstwhile ally Zikomo alerted us to a danger in the Uskwood. A great tiger called One-Eye was on the prowl. After a consultation with Asmodeus facilitated by the Vision Juice both Frohike and Tylus suggested hunting down the beast. The others went on the quest with a few Boggard warriors and easily took down the great cat.
Old One Eye
Not long after they returned with the pelt of the beast and a dagger they found in its eye we got another message from Elise this time indicating that a great Silver Dragon was spotted flying over Taggun Hold. This news was most dire as I was not certain we could muster any defense against so powerful a creature as that.

My fears proved not unfounded although, fortunately, we were spared a visit for many months. To this day I do not know what delayed the beast but there is little doubt in my mind that had it attacked immediately we would all have died on that terrible Horn. Perhaps it would have been for the best but regrets are for the weak, and that I am most certainly not.

17 - Just Adventurers

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