19 - Unlife in the Halls

Chapter 17: Unlife in the Halls

After the sacrifice of Sister Marta Dian, life at the Horn of Abbadon returned to its normal pace. Each day I performed the three ceremonies, each day I dealt with the erudite yet somehow hilarious threats of disembowelment from Hexor and Vexor, each day I listened to the raving lunacies of Dagon spouted by Zikomo, each day I put up with the fanatical “Hail Vetra’Kali” spouting Ezra Thrice-Damned, each day I put up with more complaining from miserable Boggards, and each day I grew more bored with the ordeal.

As time went on we entrusted Thomas with more information and he proved worthy of this trust. Frohike took him down to Zikomo’s lair and had him drink of the Vision Juice. Thomas was vague as to what visions were granted to him but it was clear he did not get a message confirming faith in Aroden.

Meanwhile Frohike became stranger each time he drank of the Juice. I suspect it altered his brain in some irretrievable way although the little gnome was odd even from the very beginning. Perhaps he did poison that girl all those years ago. Who can say with any certainty? We all make up our own history to suit that which we believe about ourselves. The truth is something between what we believe and the stories we tell those with whom we associate.

Late one night horns started blaring from the first level of the Horn and by the time I arrived on the scene all that was left was a few dead Boggards and a pile of malevolent ash. Apparently the many victims of the Pale Horsemen coalesce once a year into a loathsome Unlife beast that roams the halls of the Horn looking for any living creature to unleash its fury upon. Ezra, our ally, forgot this little detail. Luckily Vexor was there to coordinate the defenses along with Frohike and we only lost a few Boggards.

Ashen Nighmare

A few days later, Trik came to visit us bringing components for me to attempt to summon the Hell Hounds once again but the ritual proved too much for me. There was some minor news from town about a war between two guilds of thieves and we ordered Trik to take over one of the Guilds and start skimming money from their take.

Other than minor events it was a dull time at the Horn of Abbadon although this was soon to change.

19 - Unlife in the Halls

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