22 - Conflicting Loyalties

Chapter 21: Conflicting Loyalties

Time continued to pass in the Horn of Abbadon and with the continued absence of Trik we sent a Boggard into town to try to contact Baron Arkov and renew our supplies.

In the meantime the much put upon Boggards made demands for better weapons, better armor, quality food, and drink. We agreed to all but the latter after a bit of a negotiations. I suppose in the end it was a waste of money considering that most of them died or ran away in the end but I’ve never yet regretted aiding an ally, even if the results were not what I expected.

While we waited for the Boggard messenger to return we got a message from a woman named Shaylin Marsten from Taggun Hold who wanted us to kill some of her rivals. Tylus and Dunn went into town to consult with Arkov. I was told the Baron did not approve of such murders and so the two did not kill anyone. Tylus returned in an extremely agitated state having apparently seen or done something that weighed heavily on his soul.

Tylus and Dunn brought with them a wagonload of supplies which appeased our Boggard allies. A few days later the messenger from our other suitor arrived and informed us that a silver dragon attacked the Baron’s manor and destroyed it, killing the Baron in the process. She also suggested that Sir Valin Darian might be soon on his way. She seemed upset that we hadn’t helped with her problems.

With the Baron dead it became clear we would have to rely on this Shalyn for information from town in the future. Tylus immediately seemed less troubled; the news of the Baron’s death having lightened his worries for some reason.

Not long after this messenger left our little home we were attacked by a terrible Forest Fey Beast and her entourage. The attack was apparently in response to our killing of Jurok all those months ago. They routed our guards at the lower levels with ease killing a number of Boggards and forcing the rest to run.


One of the fellows escaped and told us what to expect. We gathered Hexor and Vexor and headed down. We found them ransacking the Boggard chambers and Dunn led the charge. They proved dangerous enemies with both spells and bow and arrow.


With Dunn and the demons engaged in melee and the rest of us sniping from the shadows we eventually killed them all. Jurok was not avenged. We still have two more months ahead of us and I suspected that the forces arrayed against us would prove increasingly dangerous. I was not disappointed.

22 - Conflicting Loyalties

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