26 - Arrival in Ghastonhall

Chapter 25: Ghastenhall

We left the Horn of Abbadon behind and headed south to the metropolis of Ghastenhall with a sense of relief. The terrible seven months were over although now it was time to deliver the Tears of Aklys to a man who would put it to use.

I cannot say that I did not have a great deal of trepidation about the release of such a terrible plague that could not judge friend from foe. I suppose The Master understood that Cheliax was filled with more enemies than friends and that it was simply a game of numbers. Still, it is one thing to engage in mathematical equations and another in the real lives of men, women, and children.

The journey to Ghastenhall took a few week and we left Zikomo and Grumblejack in a cave outside of town while we went in to meet Brother Barnabus.

Tylus found Barnabus and said the phrase suggested by The Master. Barnabus responded appropriately and suggested that we meet him the next evening for some sort of seminar. It is charitable to suggest that perhaps our seven months in isolation dimmed our skills in divining meaning but sadly we continued to try and speak to him. It was only when we went to the front desk and found that no seminar was planned for the next that we realized he was trying to arrange a private meeting. At the time Brother Barnabus was a highly placed priest of Aroden working secretly as a cultist of Asmodeus. His life was in tremendous peril at every moment and when I think of our boorish behavior and how it could very likely have resulted in his brutal, merciless torture and eventual death I’m somewhat embarrassed.

We found lodging and spent the next day looking around Ghastenhall for bits of information. We heard a few rumors about goings on at the Horn of Abbadon and the war to the north but nothing of substance.

The next evening we met with Barnabus and handed over the Tears of Aklys. He expressed some of the same misgivings that I had harbored but took it in any case. He arranged for a place to stay and told us to be more cautious when arranging meetings in the future. He said that in a month we would go to see Sakkarot Fire-Axe but until then we were on our own.

That night the son of a local guild master came to us and asked us to do some dirty work for him. I was loathe to get involved in such activity and was concerned that such people apparently know at least a little about us.

The next day we all went about our business and I spent most of the time in research in Ghastor Library and found out some useful information about the Shrine of Aroden Made Manifest. I also learned that someone brutally murdered a young lady of the evening the night before. It brought back memories of the Ripper of Taggun Hold. At the time I supposed the two incident must be completely unrelated but looking back upon it I realize that my preoccupation with the Master’s plan blinded me to obvious truths.

Meanwhile Frohike apparently ran into a one of the guards from Brandescar. He apparently followed the guard for some time but didn’t learn much else. The blood was clearly running hot in the gnome’s veins for I could see the fire of vengeance in his eye. I suspected that he would not be stayed in attempting to track down and murder the man.

Meanwhile Tylus went into the market district and tracked down the young thief we were supposed to intimidate. Apparently said intimidation didn’t go well although Tylus didn’t tell us much of the encounter. Later in the day he spotted Trik and his twin brother Trak in town although apparently not looking for us.

We also learned of an illegal fighting arena in the bad part of town where a reported menagerie of exotic creatures were being assembled. Likewise, I paid little attention to this rumor and regretted it later.

26 - Arrival in Ghastonhall

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