27 - Planning the Attack

Chapter 26: Planning the Attack

Firmly ensconced at the Crowley Estate we decided that the best course of action was to avoid any sort of confrontation where people might pay more attention to us. Thus we did not attack the Branderscar guard or carry out the intimidation mission although Tylus continued to follow Trik and Trak although found out little of interest.

I decided to spend the rest of the time before our meeting with Sakkarot Fire-Axe studying spellcraft and making healing scrolls. Frohike decided to do the same with potions although we did spend almost every evening at the Pit watching the spectacle of gladiatorial combat.

Over the years I’ve often pondered those evenings at the Golden Palace watching the supposedly good and faithful denizens of Cheliax cheering the horrific violence. Perhaps it is just rationalization but it seems to me that Asmodeus channels the charnel desires of the sentient mind. Perhaps we are all nothing more than wild animals hungering for the hunt and kill but trapped in civilized society. The very nature of Aroden and of good suppresses these base urges so they burst forth in an orgy of violence when allowed to come out.

I saw people cheering wildly as a beast tore an infant from its mother’s arms and ate it alive. I saw a crowd roaring with approval as young want-to-be adventurers were torn limb from limb by a wild lion. I saw normally sane and rational men waving a severed arm like a trophy as a terrible beetle creature chopped a young woman into pieces. A saw a blind and poisoned warrior crawling for a potion that could save his life while the crowd shouted out directions that took him further from his salvation. Yes, the fine people of Cheliax. They got no more than they deserved.


At the end of the month Tiadora appeared and used some sort of portal to take us to the Fire-Axe in the north. There we negotiated for two hundred and fifty of his finest warriors to aid us in our cause. We also enlisted the aid of an Ogre Mage named Raiju. We also planned to head into the Darkling Land to enlist the help of Duergar warriors and Tiadora mentioned a Medusa that lived not far from Ghastonhall.

With all these allies we hoped to take the Vale of Valtaraena and put a dagger in the back of the fine and good people that call themselves worshipers of Aroden.

27 - Planning the Attack

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