30 - The Bloody Vale

Chapter 29: Blood in the Vale

Immediately after we captured the Tower of Saintsbridge word came to us that defenders were marching against us from the interior of the Vale. Rather than wait in the tower we sallied forth with Hekkarth’s Head-Taker’s and Shagoroth Night-Mane’s troops into the Vale.

We marched forward at the center of the line and easily stopped a small charge from heavy cavalry although leaving the bugbear warriors on the flanks to their own devices proved a mistake as they suffered heavy casualties from hidden mages and an ambush of archers from the hills.

Charging Knights

We then split into three groups with myself and Raiju in the center, Tylus and Zikomo commanding on the left while Dunn and Grumblejack led on the right. This proved an effective strategy as the bugbears, although most fearsome, are prone to panicking at the first sign of adversity and must be led from the front at all times.

As we moved forward my group encountered a pair of heavily armored creatures guarding a bridge. The stupid Bugbears waded in without thinking and were slaughtered. Once I arrived with Raijua we managed to magically get one off the bridge and the brave warriors waded in and were able to eventually take them down with repeated blows although at some cost in lives.


I later found out that during this fight both Dunn and Tylus encountered their own issues. The group with Tylus was beset by monks dealing death their fists so efficiently that the bugbears were almost defeated. Only the coordinated command of young Tylus saved the day and even then there were great losses. Meanwhile Dunn and Grumblejack faced off against group of stalwart dwarves forming an impenetrable shield wall on which the bugbears were smashing themselves to bits. Dunn managed to coordinate the attack and personally slew the leader of the stout warriors leading to victory.



We proceed forward from there consolidating into two group as we approached another bridge. Dunn and Tylus suddenly faced an aerial assault from mounted griffons and a dozen bugbear warriors were dead before they even knew what happened. Again the courage and clear-headed command of my friends saved the day and they managed to organize the bugbears into groups and picked off the griffins as they swooped in for a second attack. Once dismounted the riders were surrounded and overwhelmed.


While this was going on I found out that a group of spellcasters and warriors had gathered at the last bridge before we arrived at Sanctum and I marched what remained of my forces towards them. At this point in the battle we had already lost more than a third of the bugbears although our goal was within sight.

The next few minutes would decide the fate of the Vale although long days and many fights loomed on the horizon. The work of Asmodeus is never done, praise be to Him!

30 - The Bloody Vale

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