35 - Lord-Abbot

Chapter 34: The Lord-Abbot

We immediately ran into what was the last guard of Priests and Warriors of Aroden and dispatched them after a difficult battle that was only won when I managed to isolate the priests with my Wall of Ice spell.


We continued through the complex and we found some etchings that helped us avoid some nasty traps although the headstrong Dunn set one off when he pushed forward with haste. Eventually we came across the Lord-Abbot of the complex as he was performing a ritual over the corpse of Iomedae. He immediately put a spinning barrier of blades between us and began casting devastating spells that sent Dunn reeling.


Grumblejack charged through the blades which set off a fire trap further confusing the situation. I started to put people on the other side with my spell casting but the Lord-Abbot used his powerful spells to great advantages sending the Devil-borne Ogre to the ground with blood pouring from his ears. Raiju used his gaseous form to cross and eventually we managed to surround the leader of Cathedral and put him to the ground.

Tylus used his meager healing spells to keep the priest from dying and then began to torture the man for more information on how to pass the fiery barrier above but the Lord-Abbot proved immune to such tactics although I suspect he did not know how to pass the flames in any case. Eventually we gave him a chance to say his last prayers and killed him. He prayed for our souls.

We found many books in the room and it became clear that he was indeed trying to raise the ghostly spirits of the long-dead Aroden worshippers. How close he was to attaining this goal I cannot say. We found a book detailing the story of a man named Angelo who built a great vault, a tome explaining the nature of the Three Flames, and enciphered codex of some kind.

We thought to use the body of Saint Iomedae to penetrate the flames above and took them upstairs. We explored the final two rooms which were closest to the flames and suffered some damage from the effort and found the Holy Relics of Iomedae. Being somewhat exhausted we camped for the night and read the book of Angelo with the thought of attempting the flames in the morning.

35 - Lord-Abbot

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