38 - Quest for Intoxicants

Chapter 37: Quest for Intoxicants

We stayed at the Tower of Polydorus for several days learning spells and reading through the Codex that later proved helpful in deciphering the book we found back at The Cathedral of Aroden Made Manifest.

During this time Tylus noted that Grumblejack seemed rather distracted and we discovered the devilish Ogre had his heart set on winning a sword offered by one of the great bugbear captains. The great beast was so obsessed with the sword that we were forced to help him find at least one sample of the thirteen local brews of Kintargo. The quest took us almost two weeks to accomplish but eventually we found all thirteen and Grumblejack claimed his prize.

While I was at first reluctant to waste time on this frivolous endeavor it proved to be most useful indeed as it took us to the Manor House of Baroness Vanya of Veryn.

The woman turned out to be a fellow worshipper of Asmodeus and claimed to be descended from the ruling house of Cheliax before the current Darian Dynasty. She not so subtly hinted at rewards we would receive if she was put into a position of power in the new regime. We introduced her to the Fireaxe and left matters at that for the moment.

Later in during our search we stumbled across an abandoned warehouse that was supposedly haunted. It turned out that none-other than Duke Martin LeRoung was using it as a hideout. We captured the coward without much difficult and Tylus relished dragging him through the town and exposing him to the derision of the bugbears. The duke put forward a brave face for a short time but when he realized the reality of his situation crumbled into a cravenly behavior quickly enough. Tylus insisted on witnessing the torture personally and this seemed to satisfy the boy greatly.

After this triumph we returned to the tower to rest before continuing our exploration of the city.

38 - Quest for Intoxicants

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