41 - Assassins and the Plague

Chapter 40: The Assassin

The next day we headed back into the city and learned about the thieves guild of Kintargo. After some investigation we found a representative from the group and arranged a meeting in the self-same sewers as where the cunning warriors were holding out. We managed to meet up with the leader of the guild, a fellow named Anton Brueder, and he promised to help us if we helped him. He wanted us to head over to Tandengate Prison and release the prisoners, many of whom where his allies.

We agreed and went to the prison where I tried to negotiate in good faith with the warden but he proved a die-hard supporter of the current regime and would not listen to reason. We walked away and then snuck back invisibly and used magic to bypass the walls. From inside the prison we overwhelmed the guards piecemeal leaving only one alive.

Inside the prison we found the prisoners in deplorable conditions and near death except for a stoic Qadarian named Irfan al-Janbiya. In talking with him it quickly became apparent that he had secrets and we invited him back to the tower for further talk. In the tower he eventually hinted that he was a member of one of the Knots of Cardinal Thrune and from there we learned he was part of the Erebian Knot which was tasked with assassinating King Markadian V. He was thwarted in the plot by Sir Richard Thomasson who we left alive back at the Horn of Abbadon upon instruction by Cardinal Thrune.

The next day we headed back to the palace to present Irfan to The Fireaxe in the hopes he might be secreted in town somewhere for when King Markadian V returns with his army. On the way we encountered a living plague victim tossed into a heap of corpses, mostly babies. The ravages of the disease were not only physical but apparently mental as well as the man raved about something eating his mind. It was clearly the effects of the Tears of Aklys which must by now be spread far and wide. For not the last time I pondered my role in the suffering that Cheliax endured during this difficult time. Was it worth it? Perhaps those who read this will be better able to judge than I.

We then went to the palace where we found Tiadora awaiting us with the Fire-Axe. She confirmed that Irfan worked for Cardinal Thrune and sent us on what appeared to be a suicide mission. We were to garner the support of the terrible dragon Chargammon the Black. We were to somehow convince him to attack the Adarium in Westcrown. This assault against the daughter of the King would bring him rushing back to his inner sanctum where we were to ambush and slay the ruler.

Our sacking of the tower proved fortuitous for we knew the Stormborn Lord had captured Chargammon’s son and was seeking advice on what to do. We immediately mounted our Hippogriffs and flew to the Aerie where the creature resides. We again rushed straight in without fully considering the consequences relying upon invisibility and this proved folly as the great Eagle Lord spotted us without too much difficulty. We asked him to release Jeratheon to us but the Stormborn Lord wanted a good reason to do so.

Happily the powerful beast did not order his entourage to attack us immediately and we managed to beat a hasty retreat to consider our options.

41 - Assassins and the Plague

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