42 - The Aerie

Chapter 41: The Aerie

We headed back into the mountains and decided the best plan was to attempt to kill or capture the eagles solely or in small groups as they emerged from the Aerie to feed. This plan worked for a day as we managed to capture two of the eagles but after that they became too wary and we were forced to make a front assault on the Aerie.


The eagles proved to be relatively easy opponents because of their lack of armor although they always presented a danger of carrying someone over the precipice. The real threat was the Stormborn Lord whose thunderous attack sent Dunn, Raiju, and myself to the ground with his repeated barrages. Eventually we managed to destroy his guards but he simply flew high into the Aerie and continued to bombard us. We managed to bring him down to the ground with mind control spells and wound him enough that he agreed to surrender the young black dragon.

We then went to the back of the cave and after a short conversation with Jeratheon released the beast. He promised to put in a good word with his father although my skepticism about his claims proved accurate. There was nothing to do except mount the hippogriffs and fly to the island of Chargammon to negotiate with the great Black. I was not optimistic.

42 - The Aerie

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