46 - Tiadora and her Sisters

Chapter Forty-Five: Tiadora and her Sisters

After our talk with Nabarus we were returned to the woodlands outside of Westcrown and began to peruse the items taken from King Markadian and his cohorts. We divided up the treasure and spent a few days learning some powerful new spells and it was during this time that, exactly as Dessiter predicted, Tiadora came to us.

Tiadora asked us to return with her to Cardinal Thrune where we were to receive our rewards. I met this offer with a counterproposal that included some of my new spells and the battle was on. She summoned her sisters but they were no match for our power and we quickly sent them back to Hell from whence they came.

With this act was our alliance with Nabarus and Dessiter sealed. We were now committed to the destruction of our former benefactor and also to the elimination of the worship of Aroden throughout Cheliax, no matter the price.

We mounted our Hippogriffs and began the long journey north. It took us several weeks to find the Cairn indicated on Dessiter’s maps but eventually we arrived. The northern planes were desolate windswept wastes although certainly beautiful in their own way.

Perhaps drunk on the power of our new equipment and spells we headed incautiously directly into the cairn and eventually the merciless arms of the awful creature that guarded the phylactery of Thrune.

Statue Fight

We immediately encountered a group of powerful creatures of chaos that nearly killed Dunn with their words of madness but we eventually overcame them. Their rubble corpses began to reform and we scattered the rocks hither and yon although it seemed only a temporary solution. We made haste to head further into the complex.

46 - Tiadora and her Sisters

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