47 - Nythoggr

Chapter Forty-Six: The Invisible Linnorm

With the guardians of the entrance defeated we walked confidently into the Cairn with a swagger that would soon prove unwarranted. We encountered a group of strange stone-like creatures with long, ropey tentacles which they used to grab us and pull to their maws. Our weapons and armor proved far too much for the beasts and we easily defeated them.


We continued deeper into the complex and encountered piles of bones around every corner and eventually found pieces of a tablet that proved to be a potent defensive spell. Tylus thought they were related to an ancient people who held this cairn to be sacred and vowed to defend it with their lives. The resolve carried forth even in death.

Eventually we arrived at the central portion of the complex and came across the great Linnorm Nythoggyr whose paranoia and madness was only exceeded by his fighting prowess. He simply swatted aside the most powerful attack Dunn could muster and nearly killed me with a blast of his acidic breath. We retreated immediately our hubris appropriately chastised.

Flee Nythoggr

What conversation we had with the beast indicated it was horribly paranoid about its treasure and considered every interloper both a liar and a thief. It also seemed to think it had an encyclopedic knowledge of its treasures but no knowledge of the Phylactory of Thrune. We returned and suggested to the beast that was unknowingly acting as a guardian for Thrune. It scoffed at such an idea and challenged us to prove it wrong. If we could find the Phylactory among is treasure we could have it, if not the person searching would be eaten.

It didn’t take too much digging to find the heart of Cardinal Thrune hidden in a coffin amongst the treasure. The beast was unnerved by this revelation and began to behave even more erratically. I took the heart and fled before it decided to kill us all.

We fled to the plains outside and planned out next move against the Agathium. While in the midst of such plans we were interrupted by a devil called Zaerbos who fulfilled its contract with Thrune in the most imaginative way and then bargained with us.

We agreed to return a locket of his without making any attempt to scry or otherwise know its contents and in return he told us much about the environs of the Agathium. We then proceeded to the location and after failed attempts to bypass the front door entered bodly. Thrune’s allies were waiting and his Frost Giant bodyguards proved a difficult fight.


The leader of the beasts was immensely strong and powerful although not particularly bright. We eventually dispatched them in no small part thanks to my new healing spells. With that we prepared to head further into the cathedral and destroy our former benefactor.

47 - Nythoggr

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