49 - Death of the Fireaxe

Chapter Forty-Six: Death of the Fireaxe

We spent time searching the Agatherium and found a great deal of information in a hidden vault. Cardinal Thrune explained his plans in great detail and we also found a message asking for funds to transfer the mercenary army to Cheliax.

We decided to find the Fireaxe and confer with him on his plans for the final push into central Cheliax. We found his army easily enough and went immediately to the command tent to confer with the great leader. He was clearly under a great deal of stress and immediately explained that the reinforcements brought by Tiadora were all but out of control, raping, pillaging, and murdering. He laid out his plans for a final battle in which the mercenary force would defeat his army.

We all offered to spare him but he refused and insisted that he would fight to the last with his army. We reluctantly agreed and left the great champion to brood in his tent.

We sent the money and waited for a month while the mercenary army ferried across to Cheliax. We followed the plan of the Fireaxe to the letter and the vast majority of his hoard was wiped out although a group of stalwarts, with the great champion, broke through to the last gate where we killed them to the last.


Dunn ushered our friend into the afterlife and I assume he is there even now awaiting our reunion. I have often asked myself, what plan is worth the sacrifice of your friends? I have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer. Goodbye, dear friend. Goodbye.

We then returned to the capital in triumph and became immediately immersed in a wide range of political, religious, and personal schemes. None of which was helped by the fact that Bellinda absconded with the greater part of the treasury of Cheliax.

In the end we decided to appoint the scoundrel Lord Barca as King although I strongly suspected such an appointment would not end well.

Ahead of me lay years of frustration. It is only now that the end approaches; I realize how the desire to attain my goals far exceeded the fruits of actually achieving them. Perhaps this is the nature of life.

49 - Death of the Fireaxe

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