50 - The Trials of Rule

The events of the next few months ran the gamut from plans to corrupt the Church of Aroden to allowing prostitution in the kingdom. The seeming barrage of petitioners never seemed to run short and our duly appointed ruler could only be trusted to make the wrong decision. This left us in charge and I was forced to take the position of High Inquisitor.

It only took a few months for me to start yearning for retirement. The only thing that stopped me from leaving the complications of rule to someone else was the fear that King Barcas and his allies would completely fail to prepare for the storm that was certain to come.

Word of Bellinda and Sir Richard’s preparation to invade Cheliax and take back the kingdom came in sporadically and resistance among the people grew no matter how much we tried to stamp it out. A storm was coming to Cheliax and until it ran its course I was doomed to continue on making political decisions for the nation. It got to the point that I almost wanted to send aid to Bellinda so that she might launch her invasion all the sooner.

Once she arrives in Cheliax the climactic battle must take place and whatever the outcome my time as ruler would come to an end. If we were defeated I would be dead and if victorious I had knew that I no longer had any desire to lead the nation.

50 - The Trials of Rule

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