Kind words hide evil intentions


Your mother dumped you in an orphanage in the great capital city of Westcrown and spent your early years in an orphanage of Aroden where the priests were kind to you for a while. At the age of seven the rector of the orphanage, Father Linus Leroung, brought you into his room for special counseling.

After a few years the father found another special boy and shipped you off to the church in Taggun Hold where his brother Trintu Leroung was high priest. The man and numerous of his priestly friends preferred more mature boys. When you were not “learning the tenants of Aroden” you wandered the streets getting into fights, stealing, burgling, and otherwise causing trouble.

It was on one of the occasions the local law enforcement officials captured you and put you into one of their prisons. You spent a week in the dark cell, starving, drinking water that pooled in the windowsill, and absorbing brutal beatings from the guards.

Finally Father Trintu came to pay your bail and told you that he hoped you had learned an important lesson. He then took you back to his quarters. While he rested afterwards you took a letter opener and cut off his member. While he screamed you fled through an open window. They caught you less than three hours later and tried you behind closed doors giving you no chance to tell your side of the story.

Now you sit in a cart heading towards the notorious prison of Brandenscar where you have been promised a short and brutal existence.


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