02 - Branderscar Prison

Chapter Two: Escape from Branderscar

I waited in a cell in Westcrown. for a number of days but eventually I found myself in a prison cart heading to Branderscar for internment. In the cart with me was a young boy scarcely more than fourteen or fifteen by the name of Tylus.

Readers will laugh at my first impression of the boy. He was sullen, beaten, without spirit or fire. I figured he would not last more than a day or two in Branderscar. As you well know, he proved of iron spirit, an ally, and a friend. Of the four of us it is he who will live the longest. Also there was the little gnome Frohike Harrison. Again, his history is already made but at the time he seemed a peculiar chap. Finally, the Oath-Breaker, Dunn Maranid. Of the three he was the one who immediately drew me to him. His face looked like mine. Anger, rage, betrayal, revenge. He never changed.

We arrived at Branderscar and were immediately taken to the Branding Chamber. The warden, a distracted man named Mathias Henderthan gave a short speech and then turned us over to the Chief-Sergeant of the prison, Tomas Blackerly. Blackerly gave us a much more direct speech and then we were branded.

Branding Chamber
We slept one night in the cell and quickly ascertained that the walls were thick but the locks on the place antiques. The next morning young Tylus was called away as he had a visitor. Blackerly looked somewhat dazed as he took Tylus to meet a representative of The Master. Tylus returned no more than ten minutes later bearing a silken scarf with a number of patches on it. He told us a beautiful woman whom he did not know gave it to him. Told us of a mysterious benefactor who wanted to meet us across the Moors.

The scarf turned out to be a magic item of great power containing many useful items to aid in our escape not the least of which was a magical window. After watching the guard patterns for two days we arrived at two possible plans.

Tylus favored releasing the ogre-creature in the cell next to ours and making an escape in the ensuing chaos. I favored simply using the window and rope provided to slip out the back of the cell, climb the tower, and swim to safety. In the end my plan proved the one most popular.

We waited until evening and then Tylus easily picked the locks on our shackles and we stuffed straw into our makeshift beds in the hopes that the slack, drunken guards might not notice until morning. We then used the window and rope to escape. The rope proved lengthy enough to loop back on itself and we ran it through one of the shackles and were thus able to retrieve its entire length after the descent.
Outside Cells
Once outside the cell we avoided the kennel I noticed while walking the yard during my exercise on the previous day and headed towards the most northwest of the six towers. The thing was not even secured by a lock and we climbed to the parapet, walked to the area where the distances to the waves below was the least and climbed down the long rope to freedom.

All was not over as we still had to traverse the waters of the lake and not all of my companions were able swimmers. We stayed near the pillars and daisy chained across to make sure no one was lost.
Under the Bridge
From there we waded up the coast to a place where we could get ashore and quickly found ourselves in the moors.

02 - Branderscar Prison

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