03 - A Fateful Signature

Chapter Three: A Fateful Signature

Our journey through the moors included an encounter with a massive toad. We had only small knives and our fists to fight the beast but Tylus proved to be far tougher than I first imagined and even the little gnome fought with spirit.

We eventually arrived, much bedraggled, at the house promised by Tylus and after a knock at the door were greeted by Tiadora. She was as beautiful as described by Tylus and took us up to comfortable rooms. She ordered the servants most forcefully referring to them as slaves.

I found my chamber stocked with food and wine and after sating myself climbed onto the bed and fell immediately into a deep slumber. It seemed like only seconds later I was awoken to chimes and a servant’s knock at the door proclaiming that we were to be downstairs in fifteen minutes.

Upon arrival we found Tiadora and a handsome, dark-hair and distinguished man awaiting us. Cardinal Thrune then told us the reason for our escape. It was a moment that changed my life. I found his reasoning, his patriotism, his fatalistic determination beyond reproach. When he offered a contract to sign, in blood, I did not hesitate. Nor did the others.

After we signed the contract we were left on our own to await developments. We spoke with a number of other recruits in the house including a rather dull warrior, a happy-go-lucky fellow, a woman with a clear sense of purpose, and a huntsman.

The next chapter in my life was to set me firmly on my current path.

03 - A Fateful Signature

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