11 - A New Mission

Chapter 10: A New Mission

We spent a leisurely couple of weeks traveling by barge across northern Cheliax with Tiadora. The respite was most welcome after our exertions but the barge was unkempt and the food atrocious.

Eventually The Master arrived and explained our next mission. We were to head to the town of Taggun Hold along the north-central border of Cheliax where we were to find an ancient spire called the Horn of Abbadon.

About a century ago a Chelish leader known as the Victor imprisoned a demon named Vetra-Kali in this tower. The demon’s worshippers were known as the Pale Horsemen.

The Victor utterly destroyed the cult but was apparently unable to dispose of Vetra-Kali. Our mission was to find the Horn and break the Silver Seal. Once released we were to somehow bind the demon and force it to turn over a plague known as the Tears of Achlys. When spread through central Cheliax this would weaken the nation’s ability to respond vigorously to attacks.

Another knot led by a ranger named Aiden Kael apparently found the Horn of Abbadon but then vanished. He was last known to be in the town of Taggun Hold. Because of this failure Cardinal Thrune thought it advisable to order the Cocytian Knot led by Elise Zadaria to aid us.

I suspect Cardinal Thrune knew of her selfish ways when he made this assignment and hoped that the competition between our two Knots would bring out the best in both. However, as you will eventually learn, someone must win a competition and someone must lose.

We arrived in Taggun Hold the next day and were introduced by Tiadoar to Baron Arkov Leroung. The Baron put us up, acquired a lab for Frohike and otherwise proved a congenial, although untrustworthy, host.
Leroung Manor
The first morning in town we gathered a few rumors from the people and went to the inn where Kael and his Knot spent their nights while searching for the Horn. A little friendly bribery got us into the room without any trouble and we found a map to the Horn of Abbadon.

When we returned to Vanderhall we found Elise and her Knot waiting for us. She made it plain that she was unhappy to be in a supporting role and would, at any opportunity, replace us. It was quite clear we could not trust her but, as events unfolded, we had to, on occasion, rely upon her advice. A most unfortunate circumstance as it turned out. Elise promised to stay in Taggun Hold and take care of any meddling strangers so that we could complete our task unimpeded.

We then headed into the Uskwood where the map of Kael led us. It took us about a week to locate the Horn of Abbadon but the journey was surprisingly uneventful. At the last we met a massive tree beast named Jurok who believed he was the chosen guardian of the Horn of Abbadon.

I managed to convince, without much effort, the great oaf that we were his allies sent to help guard the place. He told us of a group of creatures now living in the tunnels beneath the Horn that he considered troublesome. We agreed to dispose of the creatures although I see no reason to spend too much time in such an endeavor.

Our goal was simply to find the Silver Seal, break the thing, and find the demon within. At the time I hoped to be able to accomplish the goal quickly and leave the place without engendering the rage of Joruk. Hope is a strange mistress, both good and ill. Then it was into the tunnels to find the Silver Seal and release Vetra-Kali.

Vetra-Kali, a name that I will remember to the grave.

11 - A New Mission

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