23 - Heart of the Victor

Chapter 22: Heir of the Victor

After the news of our ally’s demise at the hand of the Silver Dragon we rethought our position on the woman Shalyn Marsten in town. It was decided that Tylus and Dunn would return to Taggun Hold and negotiate with the woman to be our new supplier of goods.

We decided to wait a few days before sending the duo on the chance that Sir Valin Darian decided to make his attack. In this decision we were proved correct for the erstwhile champion of Aroden arrived the next day.

Our judicious use of the fourth teleport stone along the path to The Horn of Abbadon proved useful for not the last time. Our Boggard sentry warned us of the approaching knights although his counting skills proved inadequate to the task.

The champion of Aroden announced his presence outside the Horn and challenged us to honorable combat. This gave us time to gather all our forces and the fool stood and waited while we marched outside. It was a slaughter. We captured Sir Valin without issue and had acquired the last heart necessary to complete the ceremony. Praise be to Asmodeus for delivering us our needs.

Heir of the Victor

Frohike and Dunn then headed off to Taggun Hold with some of our spoils and met with this Shalyn woman who purchased our goods for a fair price. It would have been impossible to sell the uniquely marked armor and barding on our own, and this influx of funds proved very useful. Frohike and Dunn apparently carried out some of the murders Shalyn had requested but they did not speak of it to me. Blood must be spilled to achieve the Master’s End.

While they were away a strange group of ethereal creatures infested the Fane of the Horn and slew a pair of our Boggards. It was not a loss in vain for we slew the beasts in vengeance although they proved to be difficult foes.

Home Invasion

It was also good that we discovered the beasts because it was quite possible they had been hiding there for many months and might have emerged at a less opportune moment.

Our time in the Horn of Abbadon was dwindling quickly and there was yet no sign of the Silver Dragon. I hoped that perhaps the thing decided the killing of Baron Arkov was enough and had flown off for better hunting grounds. I was disappointed in this regard.

23 - Heart of the Victor

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