24 - The Last Week

Chapter 23: Earthquake

Life went back to routine at the The Horn of Abbadon with our apparently regularly weekly scheduled assault. This time it was a terrible three headed beast that killed a couple of Boggards and turned Frohike to stone. Luckily we had some of the Stone Salve left and restored him easily enough.


The little potion maker was able to extract enough base components from the creature to create more of the salves.

The next week we got a visit from a fearsome Ogre named Grumblejack who had been in Branderscar with us all those months ago. The creature is apparently of some devilish heritage because one sip of the water from the well on the first floor caused him to grow and become most fearsome. He was to prove a useful, if brutish, ally for a long time.

After this incident there was a remarkable respite and several weeks went by without incident. It was suddenly the last week of our seven month stay and any hopes I had that the final days would be as carefree as the previous three weeks were shattered during the dusk ritual on Day 217. As I finished the ceremony there was a terrible earthquake and great Vetraj-Kali tried to claw his way out from behind the seal. The ensuing carnage all but brought down the Horn of Abbadon. We lost any number of Boggards in the collapse and our prisoner Brunhild Sturmdottir was among the casualties.

Happily the cell containing Sir Valin Darian was spared the carnage. After this incident the Boggards were extremely shaken and it didn’t take much to spook them completely.

During the midnight ritual of Day 217 a beautiful winged angel attacked the top floor of the Horn but thanks to the Lightning Elemental we were able to pull the thing into the room and surround it. Had it been able to simply hurl lightning bolts from outside the window I’m not sure that we could have stopped it.


Late in the afternoon on Day 218 we heard the horns from the lower caverns and by the time we got there all that was left was a few blood stains on the ground. According to one of the Boggards who ran away a mud creature simply arose from the pits and attacked.

Mudman Bottom

The thing must have absorbed the mud men allies I had summoned for there was no sign of them. The Boggards spread the word quickly and by the time we returned to the fourth floor only crazed Zikomo, half-mad on vision juice, remained. We decided to live and let live if the thing remained in the lower floors but that was not to be. It healed itself in the mud bath and began to scale the outside of the Horn seeking the upper floor.

Mudman Top

We dropped a few fire bombs and spells on the thing as it climbed and dispatched it after a difficult fight once it arrived in the inner sanctum. Then we went to sleep. With the Boggards gone our defenses were at their weakest point in months although Grumblejack proved a stalwart ally.

The next three days were ones I will not forget no matter how advanced becomes my senility. Terrible Vetra-Kali eagerly awaited them although I did not.

24 - The Last Week

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