29 - The Battle of SaIntsbridge Gate

Chapter 28: The Battle of Saintsbridge Gate

After studying the tower for some time we decided on a plan where we would take the lower tower and open the gates and hold it against the forces that came against us until the Bugbear armies arrived.

We split into two teams with myself, Izevel, Grumblejack, Raiju, and Frohike moving into the shadows below the castle and using our various magic spells to bypass the wall and attack the lower gate directly. Meanwhile the five bugbears we borrowed from the army, the three Nessian Hounds, Zikomo, and Tylus climbed to the other side of the tower and planned to hop onto the wall and break in through the door.

This started well enough as my team surprised the defenders of the region and raised the portcullis without issue. Reinforcement immediately arrived and magical communication with Tylus indicated his group was not faring as well. While I tried to block the stairs down with a tower of ice we used our magic to cross the hall to the other side.

Dimension Door Attack

I only managed to get Frohike and Grumblejack across to the other side and all attempts to magically move Izevel proved futile. I knew the fight would be difficult on the other side and so I chose to abandon the mad medusa and help my friends. I got there in the nick of time and spent the rest of the battle healing Grumblejack, Raiju and Frohike from the determined assault from the soldiers. After the battle we found poor Izevel chopped to bits although she managed to stone a number of her enemies before falling before their wrath.

Of the fight in the hallways upstairs I know only what Tylus tells me. The soldiers came at them in waves and two of the three Nessian hounds were slain as were four of the five Bugbears. Eventually we killed them all and took control of the fort but the Watchers on the roof apparently flew away to warn those in the valley of our attack.

On The Wall


We had just enough time to organize our forces and head into the Vale before the counterattacks began!

It was to be a long day and much blood was shed on the Holy Plains of Aroden.

29 - The Battle of SaIntsbridge Gate

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