32 - Phoenix

Chapter 31: The Phoenix

After much spiritual fortifying we proceeded to the mountain of the Phoenix and climbed it with some difficulty. Atop we found a large marble hall where a fiery creature immediately assaulted us although we were able to surround and destroy it.


We then proceeded up the hill to the massive Phoenix itself. Young Tylus cast an obscurement spell upon himself and proceeded unmolested to the peak where he found an egg. He tried to negotiate with the Phoenix but ended up returning safely although the beast still guarded the flame that kept the mountain alight.

Further threats to the egg of the Phoenix did not sway the monster and eventually we sallied up the final hill in an assault. Dunn went up the stairs, Raiju became gaseous and tried to sneak up the hill, while the rest of us distracted the great fiery creature. Dunn got within a few yards of the goal but the Phoenix focused his attacks and put down the fallen Cavalier. I managed to heal him and in a final burst of speed he rushed headlong through a wall of fire and took possession of the egg. Dunn then got the Phoenix to agree to leave if we let the egg go unharmed. The creature was as good as its word and gathered its eggs and left.


We rested for a day to gather our strength and then headed downstream to towards the Labyrinth that supposedly guarded the Cathedral of Aroden Made Manifest. We found a group of winged guardians there but using our Disguise Circlets were able to get the jump on them and slay them after a short but sharp fight.


Raiju recoinnetered the area and spotted a cat-like creature waiting to ambush in the large cabin adjacent to the jetty which led into the labyrinth. We healed ourselves and prepared to continue the assault upon the Cathedral.

32 - Phoenix

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