34 - Gates of the Cathedral

Chapter 33: Into the Cathedral

We laid the Oracle Sambeth and the Master of Serenity to rest by the extinguished Flame Beneficent and proceeded up the long stairwell to the entrance of the Cathedral of Aroden Made Manifest with somewhat heavy hearts. At the stairwell a trio of Flaming Warriors met us and tried to prevent our entrance but we overcame them after a short battle.


Inside the Cathedral another group of Holy Warriors attempted to stop us but we slew them after a difficult battle.


We began to look through the various rooms of the place and found the chambers of the High Priest, a fellow named Lord-Abbot Earnan MacCathlain. His journal vaguely covered his plans to raise an army of spirits to retake the Vale of Valteranea and also the Holy Fire that protected Ara Mathra in the chamber of the last of the Three Flames of the Valley.

In one chamber we found a powerful angelic creature who blasted Dunn with some sort of illusion that sent the brave warrior to his knees weeping like a child. Then she turned her attentions to Grumblejack hitting him with a sonic spell that sent the half-devil to the ground with blood pouring from his ears. She then waded into the rest of us wielding her weapons.


Brave little Tylus grabbed her and the rest of us surrounded and beat her down before she had a chance to cast any more of her devastating spells. After a while Dunn and Grumblejack recovered and we continued our search. We found the Holy Fire of which MacCathlain mentioned and all attempts to approach the inferno proved futile. In a terrible miscalculation I applied fire protection to Grumblejack and sent him forward. The blaze burned him badly and it was a wound that never healed. His devilish heritage was no match for the Fire of Ara Mathra.

We then descended in to the lower portion of the Cathedral and soon came across the buried remains of thousands of former priests of Aroden. It was clear that these creatures are those that the Lord-Abbot hoped to raise. We managed to dispatch a couple of groups of the ghostly things but there was no doubt that if the Lord-Abbot had succeeded in raising this army of the Holy Dead our lives would have ended right there and then.



With the knowledge that our very lives and the success of The Master’s plan hung in the balance we hastened our search of the region.

34 - Gates of the Cathedral

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