37 - Brothers Eternal

Chapter 36: The Fireaxe

The two month vacation we planned in Sanctum was cut short when Tiadora arrived with news that King Markadian V had somehow gathered a relief force and marched in the midst of winter to the Vale of Valtaerna. We had no choice but to flee. We called upon our Duergar allies to help what remained of the Bugbear army escape and we took to the skies with our newly won Hippogriffs.

We flew at best speed to the city of Kintargo in the northwest where The Fireaxe was laying siege to the city.

When we arrived we found that the great bugbear champion was not setting up a prolonged siege but had miraculously captured the entire city! We flew down to the palace district and after consulting with some of the conquering bugbears found The Fireaxe occupying the palace.

The great champion of Asmodeus was in a contemplative mood and knew of the armies gathered by King Markadian V. Sakkarot knew that his band of warriors stood no chance in the field against such a determined and disciplined foe. He opened up to us about his own past with Cardinal Thrune and included details of the eventual plan. Thrune plans to sacrifice the armies of The Fireaxe in an attempt to unite the people of Cheliax under the banner of Asmodeus. Sakkarot was offered a throne in exchange for the annihilation of his armies but confided in us that he is not worthy of such and he planned to die with armies on the field of battle.

Sakkarot did not complain of his fate and freely admitted that every day of his life was a bounty given to him by Thrune. That he planned on enjoying his victories while they lasted and accepted his ultimate demise. My memory of Sakkarot is a like a fiery comet across the night sky burned indelibly into my memory. If a finer man ever lived I knew him not.

He asked us to tell our own stories and around the fire I shared the truth of what happened to me for the first time to anyone else. Tylus followed with his terrible tale and even the stoic Dunn unburdened himself to the great bugbear champion. That night I became a brother eternal to Sakkarot and I suspect Tylus and Dunn felt the same.

The Fireaxe gave us run of the city to do as we pleased although warned us his own army was restive and there were dangerous holdouts hiding throughout Kintargo. He also asked to find the former duke of the city, Martin LeRoung. At the mention of the name young Tylus stiffened and vowed a terrible vengeance.

The next morning we headed into the city and began to explore what was left after the invasion. On the very first day we found a tower occupied by a powerful wizard and drove him from the place successfully taking it for our own.


We found a number of papers and a potent spell book left behind and decided to stay there for a while to fully explore it. We had at least a couple of months to explore the city before the armies of the king arrived and I strongly suspected that Cardinal Thrune would eventually contact us with a plan to thwart this counterattack.

37 - Brothers Eternal

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