39 - Streets, Towers, and Docks

Chapter 38: A Street, a Tower, and the Docks

We woke the next morning and headed into town to further explore Kintargo choosing the Smallward District.

We were immediately told of a group of holdouts that had barricaded a couple of city blocks and killed a number of bugbears and other warriors. We used invisibility and teleport to sneak up on them and drop Dunn, Grumblejack, Zikomo, and Tylus behind their fortified lines while I provided support from the rear. Dunn proved to be a force of nature killing one foe after the next and seeming to gain power and confidence with every victory. We let a couple of the brave warriors run away but killed the rest.

The Last Hold Outs

After defeating them we had free reign of the region and got some good loot and additionally the deed to what appeared to be a nice property near Egorian. At the time I thought it would make a nice estate for after the wars.

We then returned to Polydorus’s tower and spent a couple of days learning spells. I read the Codex of Bademus the Stargazer and the book gave me numerous insightful ideas into the nature of magic. After that we headed to the Bandlethyn District and heard rumors about a haunted tower.

The truth turned out to be far more interesting as it was home to a magically guarded tower holding Kintargo’s symbolic relics. There were a number of bugbears and ettins camped outside and we had to get an order from The Fireaxe to keep them from bothering us but we snuck inside and I disabled the trap while Tylus unlocked the case and came away with the goods barely avoiding a poison needle trap and getting a little scorched by lightning.

We handed the relics over to Sakkarot and waited a day to continue our explorations.

The next day we ventured into the docks region and encountered a group of drunken hill giants causing problems. Sakkarot warned us of such unruly behavior and we felt no compunction in cutting them down.


The death of the giants might have weakened Sakkarot’s army numerically but such troops did his forces no good in the long run as they were too disruptive and undisciplined for the coming fights.

39 - Streets, Towers, and Docks

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