43 - Chargammon the Black

Chapter 42: Chargammon

As we approached the island of Chargammon a group of small dragons dropped down upon us although we managed to knock them out of the sky without too much trouble. We let them drift into the sea without slaying them and eventually landed on a forested outcropping of the island.

Lesser Cousins

Upon landing on the shore we began to explore the jungle and ran into a pair of vine creatures that used some sort of gas to hypnotize Raiju and myself. We stumbled forward like mindless Unlife creatures directly into the clutches of the beast but my friends managed to avoid the effects of the gas and made short work of the things.


We then found an entrance to the interior of the island and the melted remains of the many who passed before us. I am not ashamed to admit that I trembled with fear as we made our way through the dark passages and witnessed the carnage of the many brave souls who met their end battling the great black dragon. Eventually we arrived at a small-underground lake and Chargammon himself appeared before us.

He immediately smelt the taint of Jeratheon upon our bodies and chastised us for releasing what he termed his wretched progeny. It is only now, with the passage of time, as I write these words that I realize this was merely a show and the creature was actually quite grateful for the release of his son, but did not want us to know it and be beholden to us. At the time I begged for his aid and groveled before his majesty. Tylus threw much of our accumulated wealth at his feet although he again ignored this offering and chastised us for our impertinence.

We laid out the plan of Cardinal Thrune and again Chargammon appeared completely uninterested. It is astonishing how now, in my current situation, I see through all the bluff and bluster of the dragon but when standing before his mighty presence my knees knocked and I believed every word the thing uttered. It is obvious to me now Chargammon knew all along he wanted us to complete a mission for him and only pretended reluctance.

Then the dragon laid out his request. We were to travel to an island and destroy his enemy, the copper dragon called Eiramanthus. We agreed, having little other choice, and took our leave of the great Black without further conversation.

We stopped in a fishing village and learned the location of the isle and headed immediately there. We found a small quay with ease although a strange merwoman appeared and told us to leave. We told her of the plague afflicting Cheliax and pretended to be there to petition Eriamanthus for a remedy. She sent us off and later told us to return in a month. This, of course, did not fit our schedule and we returned to the quay and entered the caves of the dragon.

First the strange fish-woman fought us but we dispatched her without too much difficulty.


Upon entered the caves a group of strange crystalline creatures attempted to stop us but again our might was too much for them.


We rested briefly to heal our wounds from the battle and proceeded further into the cave.

43 - Chargammon the Black

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