44 - Eiramanthus the Copper

Chapter 43: Eiramanthus

We battled our way through the domain of the Copper Dragon facing more of the strange crystalline warriors but they did not present a great difficulty to us.



We then encountered a strange creature with three arms and three legs but did not try to communicate with it as our mission was to destroy the dragon. Later we came across three large crystals in a garden of sorts and when I broke what was apparently their cage I immediately fell victim to some sort of sonic attack. I’m told Tylus pulled me free but I have no memory of exactly what happened. Apparently Raiju also fell victim to the things and Dunn’s attacks simply sent razor sharp shards flying in all direction. We again decided discretion was the better part of valor and moved on.


We continued our exploration and found a room with a massive chessboard and a set of stairs leading up. We took the stairs and came across a library of astonishing proportions. This was the accumulated knowledge of who knows how many centuries of work for the great Copper Dragon. There was an alien creature browsing the stacks but it spoke of strange things and we left it behind as we continued up the stairs.


In the upper chamber we found a great dome and the Copper Dragon Eiramanthus himself. The intelligent creature engaged in conversation and tried to dissuade us from following through on our plan but when he learned we had killed one of his consorts the battle was on.


The dragon was almost playful in his spell casting as if bemused by our attacks although his consorts were less genial. His acidic breath and the death spells of the women sent Dunn and Irfan al-Janbiya to the ground while severely wounding Raiju but in the end we managed to put the dragon down and the consorts fled.

At the conclusion of the battle the devil Dessiter appeared and congratulated us on our victory. He spoke of wanting to talk to us alone and tapped ominously on his head. It took me several days to figure out he meant the Iron Circlets given to us by Cardinal Thrune. They were apparently a way for not only us to disguise ourselves but for the Master to know our every move. It explained much. After burning the magnificent library and destroying much of the island I took off my headband and isolated myself from the group. Dessiter returned and suggested that perhaps The Master should not be trusted.

The full import of these warnings was soon to become all too clear.

We flew back to the island of Chargammon and the great black no only agreed to attack the Agarium but also gave us his son Jeritheon as a servant.

We then had one month to try and figure out where the King’s secret return portal was located in the Agarium so that we could ambush him when Chargammon made his attack on the palace.

44 - Eiramanthus the Copper

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