51 - Consolidation

Chapter Forty-Eight: Consolidation

The next few months flashed by in a trifling as we continued to deal with problems of the state although eventually our potential ally the Irean of the north led by Kaera Kilkerran asked if we would help destroy a legendary creature in her realm.

We spent a few days on the backs of the hippogriffs and eventually found and killed the beast. We hoped that Kaera would be able to consolidate power in the north with this victory although left her to her own devices.

When we returned to Westrcrown we found the palace fully renovated and ready to move in although King Barca loosened some of the restrictions on our Indentured Servitude rules which displeased me greatly. It was clear he is not to be trusted.

The situation grew worse when lovely but clearly conniving Lady Jezerael Della Torre of Taldor arrived and wanted to marry Barca and potentially unite the two kingdoms. It seemed like the best of our many bad choices so we made the proposal to the king and he seemed agreeable. He current wife was bought off easily enough as I do not think there was much love between them.

The situation in Ghastonhall became unreasonable when Trip and Trak were returned to us in a box. Still alive but just barely. We embarked for the city and eventually got an audience with the Duke of Ghastonhall. He made it clear he would fulfill every contractual obligation but was waiting for the outcome of the fight between Bellinda and the current regime before making any permanent alliances. I saw his point.

We agreed to allow him his independence for the moment as long as he upped his contribution to the kingdoms coffers and supplied men who would be immune to the influence of Barca. With this contract in place we returned to Westcrown to await further developments.

Time appeared to be growing short and we recalled as many forces as possible for the defense of Cheliax and pushed up the marriage of King Barca. With these measures taken there was little to be done except wait. After the wedding King Barca immediately announced that Lazy Jezareal was already with child and immediately began to exhibit worrisome signs of autocratic rule. I feared he would soon completely usurp power.

The loss of power did not bother me because I found that I was well sick of making such decisions but I feared that King Barca would be unable to successfully lead the kingdom to victory over Bellinda and Sir Richard.

As an interlude a demonic horde invaded the castle but we easily repelled them. Clearly our work in Cheliax gathered the attention of the chaotic beasts. With Lord Asmodeus as our Patron I doubted the would be able to mount any effective campaign against us and it was highly unlikely that Bellinda would agree to ally with such creatures.

Meanwhile we got the rather unfortune news that children are gathering in great number in the Vale of Valtaerna to pray to Aroden. I implemented a plan to have the Duergar enslave large numbers of them in the hopes the problem would eventually dissipate. Still, it is worrisome.

51 - Consolidation

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